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communicating staff resignation with volunteers

Communicating Staff Resignation with Your Volunteers

Perspectives   |   Jul 31, 2022

Jared walks into the veteran’s aid ministry. He’s been volunteering there since he was eighteen,…

 Claudia Macdonald
the congregation's role: part 2

The Congregation’s Role: Part 2

Method   |   Jul 22, 2022

Broccoli, carrots, and onion are piled on my plate, despite the fact that I intentionally…

 Claudia Macdonald
the congregation’s role: part 1

The Congregation’s Role: Part 1

Model   |   Jul 15, 2022

I’m slurping down Japanese udon noodles and munching on shrimp while my husband gives me…

 Claudia Macdonald
evangelism above all else

Evangelism Above All Else

Mission   |   Jul 8, 2022

As soon as I walk into the church building, I feel like I’ve stepped back…

 Claudia Macdonald
3 creative ideas for staff photos

3 Creative Ideas for Staff Photos

Message   |   Jul 1, 2022

Gwen lounges on her couch, curled up by her kitty. She’s mindlessly scrolling through her…

 Claudia Macdonald
change in church

Change in Church

Perspectives   |   Jun 26, 2022

Betsy’s* eyes are full of life as she shares her stories with me. Her laugh…

 Claudia Macdonald
6 things you need to start a podcast

6 Things You Need to Start a Podcast

Message   |   Jun 24, 2022

Henriette wipes tears from her eyes. She just finished a powerful podcast episode about a…

 Claudia Macdonald
fellowship can be the mission

Fellowship Can Be the Mission

Mission   |   Jun 17, 2022

I sit in my living room, the chatter of friends and not-yet-friends filling my ears….

 Claudia Macdonald
react with the big picture in mind

React with the Big Picture in Mind

Model   |   Jun 10, 2022

Muffled orchestra music and choir voices fill the room as the worship team rehearses in…

 Claudia Macdonald
celebrate in church

Celebrate in Church

Method   |   Jun 3, 2022

No smiles. No laughter. Not even a pat on the back. You’d think I was…

 Bob Lehman
the supportive church

The Supportive Church

Perspectives   |   May 29, 2022

I sit in front of my senior pastor and education pastor, telling them all about…

 Claudia Macdonald
church bulletin

Church Bulletin Design

Message   |   May 27, 2022

“Welcome!” Jorge and Paola are greeted by a friendly gentleman at the church doors, holding…

 Claudia Macdonald


Mission   |   May 20, 2022

A pastor sits at his desk, unsure of what to do with the church membership…

 Claudia Macdonald
personal vs professional ministry

Personal vs Professional Ministry

Model   |   May 13, 2022

Low, exciting chatter fills the air. Scott and Tonya are sitting in an audience of…

 Daniel Watts
Planning with Pencil and Plumb Lines

Planning with Pencils and Plumb Lines

Method   |   May 6, 2022

“Yeah, it’s fine. I understand. Okay, talk to you later. Bye.” It wasn’t fine. Kyle, the…

the young person in your office may not be a tech whiz

The Young Person in Your Office May Not Be a Tech Whiz

Perspectives   |   Apr 24, 2022

“Hey Amber, could you come in here?” Amber freezes. She knows what that means. Maggie,…

 Claudia Macdonald

The Tale of Two Churches: Special Edition

Uncategorized   |   Apr 16, 2022

This is a story about two churches. Both churches have been around for a long…

 Jason Lehman

Stress and Easter: Special Edition

Uncategorized   |   Apr 9, 2022

I had someone challenge me years ago by telling me that what I was doing…

 Jason Lehman
3 assumptions church members make about young people

3 Assumptions Church Members Make About Young People

Perspectives   |   Mar 27, 2022

My husband and I sit in a tiny church a few minutes from our home….

 Claudia Macdonald
stick to your purpose by saying no

Stick to Your Purpose By Saying No

Method   |   Mar 25, 2022

“But I really have a burden to share with this group. I’ll only need about…

 Daniel Watts
you are your brand

You Are Your Brand

Message   |   Mar 18, 2022

“That’ll be $8.29.” I hand the employee my card. He swipes it and hands it…

 Jon Hatch
3 Leadership Principles I Learned

3 Leadership Principles I Learned

Mission   |   Mar 11, 2022

A younger person sits in front of me. They’re fresh-faced and buzzing with nerves –…

how to delegate

How to Delegate

Model   |   Mar 5, 2022

My daughter, Jada, has a giant pair of clippers in her hands. She looks tiny…

 Jason Lehman
preaching doesn't trump love

Preaching Doesn’t Trump Love

Perspectives   |   Feb 27, 2022

I’m sitting at my in-law’s dinner table, gabbing away. The conversation hops from topic to…

 Claudia Macdonald
methods and theology

Methods and Theology

Method   |   Feb 25, 2022

“It’s a shame.” Lionel looks up from the coffee he’s cooling off with his breath….

 Daniel Watts
marketing accurately

Marketing Accurately

Message   |   Feb 18, 2022

“Now turn to your spouse and tell them three ways they can communicate with you…

 Jon Hatch
hope: the ultimate inventory

Hope: the Ultimate Inventory

Mission   |   Feb 10, 2022

“Girl.” The robotic voice enunciates the word clearly through Khaira’s headphones. She stares at it…

 Jason Lehman
leaders and legacy

Leaders and Legacy: 4 Things the Bible Teaches

Model   |   Feb 3, 2022

The air of the church lobby is filled with leaders and members, chatting and catching…

audience persona exercise

Audience Persona Exercise

Message   |   Jan 28, 2022

Terry freezes, locking his eyes on a hawk yards away that sits on a tree…

 Jason Lehman
Men’s Ministry Should Thrive

Men’s Ministry Should Thrive

Method   |   Jan 21, 2022

Corey stares at shoes, his forehead pressed against the pew in front of him. He…

 Daniel Watts
discover your value

Discover Your Value

Mission   |   Jan 14, 2022

“Did you see your review?” Maria looks up from her work to see Janet leaning…

 Jon Hatch
young leaders and development

Young Leaders and Development

Model   |   Jan 7, 2022

“How do we get more young people in our church?” The church staff meeting is…

Why Are My Meetings So Long?

Why Are My Meetings So Long?

Model   |   Dec 31, 2021

“Hey, quick meeting in fifteen.” You said that two hours ago. Your team was supposed…

 Claudia Macdonald

The Art of Video Storytelling

Message   |   Dec 30, 2021

Storytelling is ancient. The Greeks wrote plays students still read today in class. Jesus used…

 Claudia Macdonald
Andy Lewis, Faith Community Church

Stories of Transformation: Andy Lewis, Faith Community Church

Stories   |   Dec 29, 2021

A pastor sits in another conference. It’s at a church that holds thousands of members…

 Claudia Macdonald
Don’t Ask How Ask Who.

Faced with a Task? Don’t Ask How, Ask Who.

Method   |   Dec 28, 2021

What’s your first thought when faced with a task? For many of us, especially those…

 Daniel Watts

Do You Micromanage?

Model   |   Dec 27, 2021

No one likes to be micromanaged, and so naturally, no one wants to think of…

Convenient shortcuts

The Easy Way Out

Quick Thoughts   |   Dec 25, 2021

Life is hard and most of us realize that. Our culture is driven to make…

Clarity is Kindness

Clarity is Kindness. Especially When You’re In Charge.

Model   |   Dec 24, 2021

Be kind without being fake. Be honest without being harsh. That’s easy to say, but…

saying sorry

Saying Sorry

Message   |   Dec 23, 2021

There’s a lot to be said about cancel culture. But we’re not talking about that…

 Claudia Macdonald
Stephen Andersen, Trinity Bible Church

Stories of Transformation: Stephen Andersen, Trinity Bible Church

Stories   |   Dec 22, 2021

The Shocking Highlight Recently I was at a social gathering with my husband, and someone…

support and recovery

How Support and Recovery Ministries can Help your Church Grow

Method   |   Dec 21, 2021

Does your church offer support and recovery ministries like Celebrate Recovery, Divorce Care, or Grief…

 Daniel Watts
Say No to Say Yes

You Have to Say No to Say Yes

Mission   |   Dec 20, 2021

An old Camry sat in Rick’s driveway. Just after breakfast, a  man rang the doorbell….

Dear Pastor

Dear Pastor, Let Us Love You

Perspectives   |   Dec 19, 2021

Dear Pastor, Thank you for caring for our church. Thank you for the countless hours…

the god of money

The God of Money

Quick Thoughts   |   Dec 18, 2021

In today’s world, you will hear the phrase “follow the money” especially as it relates…

 Bob Lehman
Does Your Ministry Eat its Young?

Does Your Ministry Eat its Young?

Model   |   Dec 17, 2021

“If you bite and devour each other, watch out or you will be destroyed by…

grammar habits

Avoid These Bad Grammar Habits

Message   |   Dec 16, 2021

Organizations use written content for a variety of reasons. Almost all organizations use content to…

 Claudia Macdonald
Danica Koestner, Arms of Love

Stories of Transformation: Danica Koestner, Arms of Love

Stories   |   Dec 15, 2021

Arms of Love Foster Care is a ministry of Arizona Baptist Children’s Services. Since 1999,…

 Claudia Macdonald
Coaching VS Consulting

Coaching VS Consulting

Method   |   Dec 14, 2021

Rachel sat down for a meeting with Harry, excited. She was the founder of a…

 Claudia Macdonald

The Difference Between Mission and Vision

Mission   |   Dec 13, 2021

We hear a lot of talk about the terms mission and vision. They often seem…

 Daniel Watts
short-term commitments

Ask for Short-Term Commitments

Perspectives   |   Dec 12, 2021

I love it when my church asks for short-term commitments. Despite how that sounds, it’s…

gentle and humble Jesus

Humble and Gentle Jesus

Quick Thoughts   |   Dec 11, 2021

Ephesians 4:2 “Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.”…

 Bob Lehman
Leading is Not a One-Man Show

Leading is Not a One-Man Show

Model   |   Dec 10, 2021

Juggling Your Way to Success People who start ministries are tough. Getting a fledgling ministry…

Choosing Your Ministry’s Writing Style

Choosing Your Ministry’s Writing Style

Message   |   Dec 9, 2021

Hello please register for Trinity Methodist church’s 40th annual Bake Off DEADLINE to register is…

 Claudia Macdonald

Organizations That Inspire Us: Wycliffe Bible Translators

Stories   |   Dec 8, 2021

For most Americans, access to an English Bible is taken for granted. Not only can…

 Claudia Macdonald
First Impressions

What Do First Impressions of Your Church Say to a Guest?

Method   |   Dec 7, 2021

You know how you sometimes get a stack of stuff sitting in the corner of…

 Daniel Watts
church mission statement

Examples of Church Mission Statements

Mission   |   Dec 6, 2021

When you search, “Mission Statement,” you’ll find a plethora of articles walking businesses through writing…

 Claudia Macdonald
If it's Not a Heck Yes, it's a Heck No

If it’s Not a Heck Yes, it’s a Heck No

Perspectives   |   Dec 5, 2021

The Request Church was over, I tried to sneak out the back, exhausted. It had…

Never Stop Learning

Never Stop Learning

Quick Thoughts   |   Dec 4, 2021

Proverbs 1:7 “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and…

 Bob Lehman
Communicating With Your Volunteers

Communicating With Your Volunteers

Model   |   Dec 3, 2021

There’s nothing more frustrating than being a volunteer and showing up on your shift, only…

 Claudia Macdonald
Tell Your Origin Story

Tell Your Origin Story

Message   |   Dec 2, 2021

Every nonprofit and church leader has a reason behind why they started their organization. Some…

 Claudia Macdonald
Gospel Billboards

Organizations That Inspire Us: Gospel Billboards

Stories   |   Dec 1, 2021

“Jesus can free you from sin!” “Who is Jesus? Read Matthew’s gospel!” “Anxious? Jesus offers…

 Claudia Macdonald
Isn’t Everyone Welcome?

Targeting Your Ministry: isn’t Everyone Welcome?

Method   |   Nov 30, 2021

Yes. Let’s get that out there right away. Everyone is always welcome. But let’s be…

 Daniel Watts
Out of Sight

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Mission   |   Nov 29, 2021

The visual presence of your mission statement is significant. It acts as a reinforcement for…

 Claudia Macdonald
Bible Study

Secrets of a Community Group Host

Perspectives   |   Nov 28, 2021

I hosted my first Bible study this semester, and I learned a lot. If you’re…



Quick Thoughts   |   Nov 27, 2021

My college experience was filled with people who were there for a variety of reasons….

 Bob Lehman

Finding the Best Leader for Your Ministry

Model   |   Nov 26, 2021

The success of ministry rises or falls on the strength of its leadership. We have…

 Daniel Watts
should your church have a blog

Should Your Church Have a Blog?

Message   |   Nov 25, 2021

You can find a lot of things on a church website. A statement of faith,…

 Claudia Macdonald
Living Waters

Organizations that Inspire Us: Living Waters

Stories   |   Nov 24, 2021

Personal Note My in-laws don’t know Jesus. In the past, I’ve hesitated to share my…

Coaching and Leadership

Coaching and Leadership

Method   |   Nov 23, 2021

I played a lot of sports growing up and had a lot of good coaches….

 Jon Hatch
Coaches Help Leaders Stay on Mission

How Coaches Help Leaders Stay on Mission

Mission   |   Nov 22, 2021

We all forget things. Some times they are things that are small but important like…

 Jon Hatch
What I Love About Small Groups

What I Love About Small Groups

Perspectives   |   Nov 21, 2021

The Group that Saw Me Last year was one of the darkest seasons of my…

Learning to Love the Unexpected

Learning to Love the Unexpected

Quick Thoughts   |   Nov 20, 2021

Life is fascinating. It doesn’t always seem to turn out the way you expected. My…

 Bob Lehman
Do You See the Person or the Position?

Ministry Relationships: Do You See the Person or the Position?

Model   |   Nov 19, 2021

TobyMac is one of my favorite musical artists. I love his music and his message….

 Daniel Watts

Newsletters 101

Message   |   Nov 18, 2021

An electronic newsletter is one easiest and most effective ways to communicate in your ministry….

 Claudia Macdonald

Organizations That Inspire Us: Evantell

Stories   |   Nov 17, 2021

You’re having dinner with a friend. You’re talking about work, family, the latest television show…

 Claudia Macdonald
Volunteer Recruitment - Strongarming VS Inviting (Part 2)

Volunteer Recruitment – Strongarming VS Inviting (Part 2)

Method   |   Nov 16, 2021

In part one of our blog, we wrote about the way evangelical churches have traditionally…

 Daniel Watts
Building a Fan Club?

Are You Building a Fan Club?

Mission   |   Nov 15, 2021

Are you building a fan club? It can be hard to tell. You are probably…

Sincerely Wrong

Sincerely Wrong

Quick Thoughts   |   Nov 13, 2021

Sincerity is a good thing. It often speaks of character and moral fiber. When you…

 Bob Lehman
5 Weapons for Battling Burnout

5 Weapons for Battling Burnout

Model   |   Nov 12, 2021

“If you do this, God will direct you, you will be able to endure, and…

 Erica Wiggenhorn
How Do I Make Nice Social Media Posts?

How Do I Make Nice Social Media Posts?

Message   |   Nov 11, 2021

You’re a women’s ministry director. Someone tells you that you need to start using social…

 Claudia Macdonald
Gideons International

Organizations That Inspire Us: Gideons International

Stories   |   Nov 10, 2021

Leather bound and small enough to fit in your palm, the Gideon Bible is easily…

 Claudia Macdonald
Volunteer Recruitment - Strongarming VS Inviting (Part 2)

Volunteer Recruitment – Strongarming VS Inviting (Part 1)

Method   |   Nov 9, 2021

We’ve all been there. We have holes to fill in our volunteer ministry and we’re desperate…

 Daniel Watts
A Users Manual for Dreamers

How We See the World: a User Manual for Dreamers

Mission   |   Nov 8, 2021

Scott was so excited — this meeting was going better than he could have dreamed….


Discipleship Burnout

Perspectives   |   Nov 7, 2021

“Burnout” is a hot buzzword in ministry lately. Ministries are talking more about leadership burnout…

 Claudia Macdonald
The Angry Leader

The Angry Leader

Quick Thoughts   |   Nov 6, 2021

How do you navigate emotions in the “leadership space”? Emotions are often expressed in attitudes,…

 Bob Lehman
Don't Be Afraid of the Word "Boss"

Don’t Be Afraid of the Word “Boss”

Model   |   Nov 5, 2021

Friend or Boss? Being “in charge” as a Christian is hard. As a leader, we…

Help! I Have No Idea How to Use Social Media! (Part 2)

Help! I Have No Idea How to Use Social Media! (Part 2)

Message   |   Nov 4, 2021

Welcome to part 2 of our blog on social media! Be sure to read part…

 Claudia Macdonald
Food for the Hungry

Organizations That Inspire Us: Food for the Hungry

Stories   |   Nov 3, 2021

Larry saw row after row of tortured faces. Twelve thousand people staring back at him….

The Jesus Profile

The Jesus Profile

Method   |   Nov 2, 2021

We all desperately need to hear about Jesus.  I think we agree on that. It’s…

A Practical Guide to Practical People

How We See the World: a Practical Guide for Practical People

Mission   |   Nov 1, 2021

Katy shouldered open the conference room door, trying not to drop the pile of sub…

your church's music

Your Church’s Music Doesn’t Have to Sound Like Someone Else’s

Perspectives   |   Oct 31, 2021

I started attending a new church and was telling a leader there how much I…

 Claudia Macdonald
Time Sensitive Leadership

Time Sensitive Leadership

Quick Thoughts   |   Oct 30, 2021

“Time-sensitive” — have you ever received a bill, a notice, or an appeal of some…

 Bob Lehman
Admitting Fault Is a Gift

Admitting Fault is a Gift

Model   |   Oct 29, 2021

This year I’ve heard several discussions about the disproportionate amount of narcissists in ministry positions….

Marketing Masks & Ninja Assassins

Marketing Masks & Ninja Assassins

Message   |   Oct 28, 2021

I get a kick out of the things people dress up like for Halloween. How…

Compassion International

Organizations That Inspire Us: Compassion International

Stories   |   Oct 27, 2021

There aren’t many child sponsor organizations as well-known as Compassion International. Since 1952, they’ve served…

 Claudia Macdonald
Washing Feet is More Like Changing Diapers

Washing Feet is More Like Changing Diapers

Method   |   Oct 26, 2021

I remember watching a beautiful foot-washing ceremony during church as a little girl. It felt…

How We See The World: Purple & Dots

How We See the World: Purple & Dots

Mission   |   Oct 25, 2021

Sometimes I feel like there are two kinds of people in the world: those who…

What Matters to the One You’re Discipling Should Matter to You

What Matters to the One You’re Discipling Should Matter to You

Perspectives   |   Oct 24, 2021

Discipleship is something I’m noticing more churches are talking about. This is great! It seems…

 Claudia Macdonald
Leadership and Judging

Leadership and Judging

Quick Thoughts   |   Oct 23, 2021

Graceful is not a word that is a common as it used to be. Today…

 Bob Lehman
Talented Teammates

Don’t Be Intimidated by Talented Teammates

Model   |   Oct 22, 2021

The late president Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” Other than…

 Claudia Macdonald
Help! I Have No Idea How Social Media Works! (Part 1)

Help! I Have No Idea How Social Media Works! (Part 1)

Message   |   Oct 21, 2021

Social media is one of those marketing tools just thrown at people. It’s assumed that…

 Claudia Macdonald
Organizations that Inspire Us: THRIVE

Organizations That Inspire Us: THRIVE

Stories   |   Oct 20, 2021

It’s Tough to Be Eighteen… Remember being eighteen? Finally out on your own and free…

Increase Effectiveness by Partnering with Local Charities

Increase Effectiveness by Partnering with Local Charities

Method   |   Oct 19, 2021

One of our biggest responsibilities as pastors is to be good stewards of the limited…

 Daniel Watts