A lot of organizations look good on the outside but struggle to be authentic on the inside. We believe that real ministry integrity happens when both the inside and outside match up. Our approach is designed to help us figure out the best alignment of an organization, from the mission all the way to the message. We call this approach the Ministry Edge Framework.


Discover the Direction

  • We rediscover God's original calling for your ministry. This allows for clarity and ownership, first by the leader, then everyone else.


Create a Strategy

  • We align the structure so your team can achieve their key objectives, all while letting their unique DNA shine through.


Formulate the operations

  • We ask the question, "Does your work match your mission?" If the answer isn't "Yes!" then we need to correct it.


Craft the story

  • We look at how these three Ms are communicated after they're clarified. This is where we use our creative skills.

  • What Our Clients Are Saying

"Working with Keenly has been a great blessing for us! Their practical ministry insight and creative consulting skills will benefit any size church or organization. They have a heart to help pastors and local churches!"


Dr. David Johnson

Executive Director
Arizona Southern Baptist Convention

Next Step

We’re here to help your ministry find success and effectiveness. No matter where your ministry is in the process, an assessment will give you a perspective of where you are and what you can do about it. Contact us to talk to someone about how your ministry is doing and what can be done to improve it.