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Core Consulting Process

A holistic approach for doing ministry well

We use a proprietary consulting process called Ministry Edge. It is a 4 part process that focuses on the whole organization and how to help it be great on both the inside and outside.


We help you create and clarify your organizational vision and mission

Mission involves a deep dive into the organization’s heartbeat. This involves vision, mission, values, and culture - a rediscovery of God’s original calling. Mission allows for clarity and ownership, first by the leader, then everyone else.


We evaluate & guide you in establishing your winning structure and team

Model is how the organization accomplishes its mission, primarily through strategy, structure and people. We assess the plan and the team and align the structure to allow them to achieve their key objectives and let their unique DNA shine through.


We train you to align your work with the mission you are committed to

Method is how the organization accomplishes its work. We ask the question — “is the work we're doing right now the same as the vision and mission that we have set out for this organization?”  If the answer is no, realignment is needed.


We collaborate with you to tell your organization's story in an authentic and effective way

MissionModelMethod — once there is clarity and alignment in these, only then can we look at how this is communicated.  This is the Message, component four, and this is where we use all our creative skills to tell the story.

The alignment of Mission, Model, Method, and Message is where the integrity of a ministry can be seen, shared, and celebrated. We can tell their story with excitement and integrity since we know the message we are delivering is true.

Individual Consulting Services

For existing clients, individual consulting services can be made available for more targeted initiatives and special projects.


Evaluation of the current realities in an organization by conducting interviews and providing objective examination. 


Qualitative and quantitive research studies on a variety of topics.

Special Projects

Projects that are require specialized, technical, and consultative skills.

Custom Workshops

Tailored training specific to your team's or organization's needs.

Strategic Planning

Assisting in the development of strategic development and organizational structure.

Team Development

Consulting and training to help your team grow and thrive.


One on one coaching designed for leadership and professional development.

Mystery Observer

Anonymously, a person goes to the inside of an organization or team to determine what actually is occurring.


Evaluate and improve communication strategies.

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