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The Journey to Here

When a business talks about being different, it is often just something you say. For us it is true. We didn't come out of the agency world. Keenly was formed out of ministry focus, business thinking, life experience, education, and deep empathy for helping people.

Business thinkers... Hearts for people

Keenly Interactive is not your typical consulting agency. We don’t bury you in charts and tools that you’ll never use in real life, or hand you a notebook full of suggestions and then walk away. We provide strategic direction and then help you follow through on that strategy.

A Big Vision

We imagine the world differently than it is now. One that has more compassion. One where ministry minded individuals have the potential & tools to make a greater impact. One where business & ministry leaders are inspired and mobilized toward Better Ministry Everywhere. We envision this in the Marketplace, Non Profits, Churches and in individual lives. As a company, and as leaders, we are dedicated to seeing the actualization of this vision become a reality.

A Simple Mission

To provide practical tools, products, solutions and training to leaders who are asking the question:
"What do we do next?"

A Team of Teams

Our team is everywhere, because our team is you. Ministry impact requires partnership which means we can only see our vision happen when we work with ministry and business collaborators who are like minded.

Our leaders are innovators, mentors, partners, administrators, communicators and technicians with decades of experience in the marketplace and in ministry leadership.

Not sure where to start?

No problem. Here are a couple things to try.