About Us

who we are. how we work.


in a sharply focused way

A lot of businesses don't really understand the ministry world, and a lot of ministries don't understand business. Our roots are found through decades of experience in both of these areas. These experiences have taught us to think about ministry differently than most.

Over the years, we've seen a lot of ministries struggle to actualize their potential. At Keenly, we believe that with the right focus they can do better, and we want to help.


To see better ministry everywhere.

We imagine a world different than it is now. One that has more compassion. One where ministry-minded individuals have the potential and tools to make a greater impact. One where businesses and ministry leaders are inspired and mobilized toward better ministry everywhere. We envision this in the marketplace, non-profits, churches, and individual lives.


To provide ministry leaders solutions to make their ministries better.

As a company, and as leaders, we're committed to seeing the actualization of our vision becoming a reality. We want to provide answers to ministry-minded leaders asking the question, "What do we do next?" We're dedicated to being the leading provider of ministry solutions through and specialized communication and consultative services.

The Keenly Team

We care a lot about ministry

We are a passionate and ministry-driven team that cares a lot about seeing God do extraordinary things through kingdom-minded people. Individuals that make up our team have been pastors, teachers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, and volunteers. We're also a fun bunch who want to see you inspired and encouraged in your ministry.

Next Step

We’re here to help your ministry find success and effectiveness. No matter where your ministry is in the process, an assessment will give you a perspective of where you are and what you can do about it. Contact us to talk to someone about how your ministry is doing and what can be done to improve it.